Ventilation Systems Design and Installation

  • New Ductwork Systems
    We have the expertise and capability to design and install new ventilation systems for many sectors including healthcare, catering and manufacturing. Contact us for a FREE quotation.
  • Existing Ductwork Modification
    There are many reasons why you may need a ductwork alteration specialist. These include a move to new premises, installation of new equipment or buildings refurbishment. Absolute Air are The Ventilation Experts so talk to us first.

Ventilation System Testing

  • Statutory local exhaust ventilation system testing (LEV)
    Employers who use air extraction systems are legally required to ensure that harmful airborne contaminants are removed from the workplace environment. Absolute Air will conduct these tests on your behalf.
  • Inspections and testing of hospital critical and non-critical plant
    We are qualified to conduct ventilation system inspections and to report on compliance with the relevant health technical memorandums and building notes.
  • Appointed person’s inspection work
    We are qualified and experienced in the healthcare sector and regularly undertake ventilation system appointed person inspection work within healthcare establishments. Contact Absolute Air today for fast, professional and personable service.

Ventilation Cleaning & Routine Maintenance

  • Commercial Kitchen Extract Cleaning
    Grease and Carbon particle build-up is inevitable in catering extraction systems and can be the cause of expensive and life threatening fires. We are qualified to inspect and clean kitchen extract systems including grease traps.
  • Duct Inspection & Cleaning
    Absolute Air offers an efficient, economical commercial ductwork cleaning service to TR19 Standards, throughout the South of England. We cover Somerset, Dorset. Hampshire, East and West Sussex, Berkshire, Surrey, Kent, and London. Contact us to arrange a quotation

Ventilation Systems Remedial Works

  • When a ventilation system inspection indicates that remedial actions are required, we have the expertise and capability to carry out those ductwork repairs an appropriate standard. Contact us today for a FREE quotation.